Dealing with stress


Life is full of stress. Some are good and some can be damaging to our health and wellbeing. If stress is overwhelming you, then seek professional help (a full-blown stress breakdown is serious and can take a long time to recover from). Prevention is always better than a cure so try the following to limit the impact of stress:

  • What are your major stressors? Is it commuting, work, relationships, your own expectations? Find ways to remove or reduce the worst culprits. Do you need perhaps to change jobs, move house, get divorced?
  • Are you doing too many things you don’t really want to? Everyone has to do things they don’t enjoy but if most of your life is about pleasing everyone but yourself, doing what others think you ’should’, trying to be what you are not, or constantly giving and rarely receiving, your stress levels will be high and burnout likely.
  • Look at your life and daily schedule. Prioritize. Focus on what you can do or what must be done, and delegate or cut out anything else you can.
  • Break problems into segments. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a huge worry or task divide it into bits small enough to manage.
  • Don’t compare. If someone else is doing well, or seems happier, don’t judge yourself negatively in comparison. You are only seeing the surface, and besides, comparing people is like comparing apples with oranges. We are all different. Accept yourself, weaknesses and all.

  • Practice relaxation techniques. Check out your local library, bookshop or online for information on meditation, relaxation exercises, yoga, and breathing techniques.
  • We let ourselves become stressed by things that don’t really matter. People actually feel road rage and even resort to violence because someone cut in front of them! Don’t let small insignificant inconveniences rattle you. Your peace of mind and blood pressure levels are far more important than the trivial hiccups in your daily life.
  • Slow down. Hurrying and rushing around are themselves stressors.

  • Some people are very stressful to be around. Where possible avoid demanding, irritating, critical, complaining, negative, volatile, and irresponsible people.
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