Is it love?

We assume that everyone shares the same definition of love. We assume that everyone who says ‘I love you’ means the same thing. But sometimes ‘love’ has nothing to do with what is really felt. Sometimes it is code for something else entirely. Sometimes ‘I love you’ means:

· I am lonely.

·I want you to love, adore, and worship me like a god, or:

·I am the star and I want you to be my fan.

·You are supposed to take whatever I dish out and idolize me no matter what.

·I want you to be my servant.

·I have chosen you to be my surrogate mother/father and care for me as though I was your child.

·I want to be your surrogate parent and treat you like a child.

· You are the one I have chosen to dominate, manipulate and control so that I feel